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He's your baby's first friend.
And a family friend for life.

Dear Patients, Friends, Relatives, and Colleagues,

I am very proud to announce that on July 1, 2016, I sold my medical practice to Dr. Joseph Starkman. Dr. Starkman has been working here for the past five years and many of you know him already.  I am extremely gratified to know that Dr. Starkman will continue the practice’s tradition of providing individualized, common sense, and high-quality medical care for many years to come.

Dr. Starkman will continue to offer the fine medical care to our community that you have come to expect: general family practice, bio-identical hormone balancing, the HCG weight loss protocol, nutritional counseling, pediatric and newborn care, breastfeeding counseling, flexible immunization schedules, acute care for illnesses, women’s gynecological exams, adult physicals, and school physicals. Dr. Starkman has your medical records now, and will therefore be familiar with your medical history, ensuring the appropriate continuation of care.

Dr. Starkman’s interests include Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and integrative medicine. Therefore he is planning to expand services at the Libertyville office. Follow this link to Dr. Starkman’s welcome statement to learn about his plans. To obtain more information about Dr. Starkman’s unique and natural approach to medical care, please visit his website.

The Libertyville office and online store will continue to be your source for fine supplements and reading materials including food-based vitamin supplements, probiotics, highest quality purity-tested, triglyceride extracted, pharmaceutical grade fish oils, and progesterone cream. Online supplement orders can now be placed at

For those patients who wish to continue to see me for their medical care, I will be working at the office one week each month, seeing patients Monday through Friday of that week. The office phone number will remain the same for scheduling appointments: 847-362-1367.

It has been my enormous pleasure to serve you over the past forty years. During that time I have witnessed the miracle of life, having assisted over 4,000 babies to arrive into this world. Many of those births occurred in your own homes. I have witnessed your families grow, grow up, thrive, and then I watched your kids have babies of their own. Now it is time for me to slow down a bit, spend more time with my own family, as well as continuing to serve you on a part-time schedule. It has been my great blessing to be able to work with such an intelligent, thoughtful, independent, and caring group of people. I wish all of you the best of health and happiness now and far into the future.

I cannot think of a better physician than Dr. Joseph Starkman to continue to care for my patients for many years to come. Please join me in wishing Dr. Starkman success and longevity in his new practice.

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